Let the Neurons, Style you! Client Diaries 🌸

Expressing my delight & pleasure of Styling & sharing this experience with my gorgeous client – Deena.  To give you a little background- she’s a beautician by profession , mum of lovely twin girls & my lovely friend. Styling wardrobe of someone who comes from a beauty & fashion culture is equally challenging & interesting, as you get a chance to bring style to the glamour profession too! 

Today I carved four different looks for her as per her needs. Keeping her comfort zone intact and  giving that little tickle to change her existing style was my motto for the session. 


Look 1 – Formal wear, Deena being tall woman with slim legs, I chose ankle length pants & nude top. Very chic for beautician’s forum meetings she has to attend. Nude sandals finish the look with elegance !


Look 2 – Sporty wear , a perfect blend of being a mum & having that sporty edge ! That perfect wear to complement her kids enthusiasm on the weekends. I team denim skirt , basic tee & sketchers. Ready to hop skip & jump ! 



Look 3 – Holiday wear , come-on mums gear up for holiday wear.. awaken the inner girl within you … embrace the floral prints of Spring… teamed here are budgeted denim shorts ( budgeted because , may be she won’t wear in her routine ) & floral tie knot top. 


Look 4 – Date night attire , the satin floral shorts to elevate the evening look & beige top with pearl motifs make her ready & glam. I am sure this will  make her hubby fall in love with her all over again ! 


Massive Thank You Deena for sharing your experience with Styling Neurons ! Loved sharing my work with you readers… looking forward to hearing from you ❤️ Much love , Heena x 



Miraculous 6 Pounder !

’Do more with Less’ we often come across this phrase … but implementing it to our daily wardrobes is little challenging ! I agree ! To deal with this one, all you need is that breeze to tickle your Styling Neurons & that Oomph to experiment with the existing resources. Different looks & styles can be created simply by mixmatch of  various wardrobe essentials. Styling each time doesn’t demand a fat wallet, but definitely demands oodles of attitude to try & implement. 

Heena SaysElevate your style, not your pocket!

With this blog I share how I tickle my Styling Neurons & how I execute my 3 different looks with one dress! I chose Orange colour as it is the upcoming colour of the season and also it’s nice and vibrant for Spring & Summers both…

Look 1 – Beach Style – I add a little brown belt to my dress to give it a more fitter look and at the same time break the monotony of Orange. As name says beach style , I carry my hat, a long necklace, brass bangles ( for the little jingle ), huge beach bag & strappy sandals to match my belt.


Look 2 – Weekend Brunch – Here I add a denim Jackie for the smart day look, wedges to give a taller edge and sling to match  the wedges & belt. 


Look 3 – Evening Coffee – I love playing with colours when it comes to my wardrobe experiments. I chose contrast yellow pumps to bring the look a notch higher to a little formal one. I downsized my bag to a clutch with vibrant colours which shares the yellow hues with my pumps. Teamed them with lovely gold earrings to get ready for the evening !


Well by now am sure you must be thinking why did I name the blog Miraculous 6 Pounder – it’s because I did not elevate my budget here. This dress I got in sale only for £6 !!


Hope you enjoyed reading this as much I enjoyed creating it !! Next time you want a Budget Personal Shopper or a Wadrobe Stylist you know , here I am ! As always I would love to hear back from you all be it comments , queries, sharing your styles … 

Keep Styling until next time, Much Love, Heena ❤️


‘Trick’ Tac Toe – Style Hacks!

Enormousness in this Hello & Warmth in this Hi ! Am back to my pen , book , fashion , blog & most importantly back to you readers ❤️ A little stretched holiday ( well bloggers need one too ) it was but you all knew , here is where Styling Neurons’s heart lies ! Holding on to the Valentines aura in the month of Feb … this blog I thought it’s a time to give away … 


Sharing my all time favourite “15 second Style tricks” to help you style up your look wherever whenever needed :

1) Edge your Work Look – Black & White an eternal classic as it is , I love experimenting and adding the little Oomph to my routine work wear. How about adding some bows & frills to the whites & the Sport Trim to the pants ? It has the edge which definitely gets you noticed !


2) Zipper Trick – zipper is caught ! Worry not – use a bar of soap to loosen the area it is stuck. Saved me many times for the last minute events when am just about to wear my LBD or the pretty red attire with a back zip …


3) Downsize your bag – Totes & huge bags are for the day . Swap everyday bag for a smaller, evening style option to instantly take your look to the next level. Rather than lugging around a big bag swapping to daintier option is a certain way to look 10 times more chicer! 

4) Swap flats for Heels – a perfect way to instantly upgrade your look & elevate your style from day look to evening look. Why Not – carry a pair of heels in your bag , if you have a long day out, followed by a little glam dinner .. enjoy the effortless & less tiring day wearing flats & later swap them to heels when you step in for that dinner…you got that look !!

To end this one I must say Styling Neurons surely missed you all & is glad to be back after holiday … looking forward to hear your feedbacks , comments & queries… Keep Styling till then !

Much Love , Heena ❤️

Auctor Hostis 🍴- host a la mode !

The word Host comes from the Latin word ’Hostis’ & Styling Neurons added some Latin style by the norm , making it Auctor Hostis !! Cooking being my stress free activity of the day , hosting comes to me as a hobby. As much I enjoy experimenting my culinary skills,  I equally enjoy feeding my friends & family. And similarly as I enjoy hosting , I love presenting myself a la mode ,synonym to stylish 😉



A meal appealing to eyes itself does halfway justice to the hunger & so does well presented host to a perfect evening … I don’t claim one should take as much the effort to get ready as you step out of house, but I definitely vouch for that simple little efforts to be a notch more appealable to create the Aura ! 

A pair of lovely earrings or a neckpiece to lift up the tee shade you wear … soft tone on lips if bright colours are bold for you … a simple colourful flat sandal on denims to be the eye catcher. Little things that make big trick to add style, whilst enhancing the hard work behind the chores of hosting. A fresh , vibrant & charming vibe  lifts up the hosting level as the guests arrive …

How I Hosted this Sunday Afternoon ? Jumper tee – Apricot , denims – Mango , Flats – Primark


As always Styling Neurons would love to hear how do you style when you Host ? Happy Styling , Happy Hosting !!

Much love , Heena 🌹


Floretta Senorita🌺

Adoring the growing temperatures & the brighter sunshine , are you ?? Lighter mornings & longer evenings have quite literally put a ( slice of ) spring into our routines ! Soon shall be the time to push our winter coats to the back of closets & bring the anklets out of hibernation… Spring !! We can’t wait !! 

Spring to me brings the buds blooming , birds chirping , the sun shining bright through the yet not so higher temperatures , the harvest & so on.  And so my Styling Neurons give me a tickle to incorporate this beautiful weather change in my  daily wardrobe style. The ‘never wrong’  way to dress up in spring style is to wear florals… an essential which each of our wardrobes would have or if not ,it’s time to shop !!


Floral prints can be styled practically with anything you want. Team your white shirts / plain tees with bright floral bottoms or even vice versa. Floral tops are a great way to bring the vibrant & positive vibes to your workday. Velvet is typically reserved for the colder months but in a bright colour with floral print, it’s just a perfect attire for a spring evening ! All you need is to glam it up with accessories… 


With amazing responses you all have given in my earlier blogs , I am humbly excited, motivated & highly appreciate your love & feedback ! Being frequently asked to add the brands I use, I hereby am adding my picks for prefect spring florals 😍

Each blog I write , connects me more & more to each of you… would love to have more feedbacks & please do share how do you team your Florals 🌺

 Are you Spring , nah , are you Floral ready ?? If not , email me & I can shop for you!! Your needs , your budgets , your size – styled by Styling Neurons,  sent to your doorstep. 

Much love , Styling Neurons 💕


Twenty Trendy Eighteen – wanna trend with me !

Witty shopping is when you do it for the season next ! And hence I am always looking for what’s next IT ( in trend ) … it’s a part of my DNA being a fashion lover.  Spring in 3 words – ‘ Feel Good Fashion’ and with my this écriture I bring to you the season’s upcoming styles & fashion which ‘20 trendy 18’ has in store for you ❤️ A glimpse in crux : 

1) Clothes to party in : sparkles , tassels & feathers 

2) Clothes to wiggle in : pencil skirts, sheer layers & fantastic plastics 

My top picks for trendy year start :

1) Buckle Shoes  – self portrait paired buckle shoes are the perfect look for Spring 2018! The retro style is sure to make a big comeback .. the detail is strong enough to make a statement and at the same time versatile to be incorporated with your daily wardrobe !

2) Pencil Skirts  – pleats and flairs were so last year 😉 2018 the pencils are to rule. From a work day apparel to an evening out , from a weekender to sleek dinner look they fit it all ! A perfect mismatch as I say, shall do the charm… Want to camouflage that mommy fat around the waist ? Team it with a chiffon / silk shirt .. or loose top and get that perfect tall look you need. Bold enough to match different prints ? they do wonders, try it !  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3) Knitted bags – The next IT bag – fisherman’s totes & slings. Fashion houses have transformed the mundane fish nets into stylish carry-all essentials  for the season. These bags will be the catch of the day , come 2018 ! 

Brand New Year , Brand New Look – latch on to your shopping broom with my style picks & hope you all have a stylish year ahead … Meanwhile drop in a line for what is your style take for the New Years ? 

Email Styling Neurons to help you style ‘your’ everyday wardrobe & within ‘your’ budgets or even if you want some styling tips with your existing wardrobe. 

Fly – mode Apparel

Renuions ,goodbyes , heartbreaking departures , welcoming families , catching up long lost friends … yes it is Airport ! The place of emotions  , cultures , varied backgrounds & yes fashion … 

A place where you wana putforth your best foot in style – be it casual , professional , sporty , chic & get the glimpse ! Styling Neurons for airport diaries is ‘casual yet chic’  – it’s oozing full of  Style & screaming out Comfort !


My look – I team my denims with chic top , leather Jackie & let the statement sketchers do the talking. I prefer totes over slings when I travel as being mum I have additions over basics to carry in hand .. each mum would agree ! A scarf to keep me warm & cosy on the plane too ☺️ I chose same hues ( royal blue, black & white )for my look , as I advised in my earlier blog. 


What I wore today 

1) White Denims – Topshop 2) blue top – Zara 3) Sketchers – Matalan 4) Scarf – Primark

As always my Styling Neurons crave for your feedback & comments .. Also share your looks for Airport diaries💕

Keep Styling ! Much love !