What to wear this Autumn 2018 ?

Autumn , yes a couple of weeks to settle in , I know, however September marks the sartorial start of the season. Transitional dressing is always a tricky part of the wardrobe as  I understand .. especially when you expect a chill in the day and step out with a jumper and it ends up being warmer than you thought. Lets see what Autumn Winter Fashion 2018 has in store for us!

pleated skirt ,jumper and ankle length boots - autumn style
Autumn Winter fashion 2018

Myself not being a summer person at all, I love this  fall season and more so the Autumn Winter colour trends. The variety of options it brings on the table to style is huge. From scarfs to boots, from the colourful jumpers to variety of hats, from animal prints to checks.. you got them plenty to choose from right ??

Autumn winter styling - pleated skirt & jumper
Fall fashion 2018- jumper & pleated skirt

Here, I bring to you the trend I loved most at the outbreak of this Autumn Winter 2018Pleated skirt with a jumper. Was it last year and you asked me would you pair this Heena  and I would have thought twice. But once I paired this now, it makes me feel so perfect ready for the season. The pleated skirt  is always a versatile wardrobe must-have!! You can pair it with various tops as per the hour and occasion. The jumper with it gives a warm glow to beat the oncoming chill.

Yes I paired them with ankle length boots for the Autumn look. However you can team it with strappy sandals or glossy pumps for the evening look. Attached in the link below where you can buy the skirt from.

pleated skirt , jumper & ankle length boots
Autumn/ winter fashion 2018

Style tip – Pear shaped and Apple shaped  bodies must wear the skirt a little higher on the waist for a taller look.

Burgundy Pleated skirt

Hope you loved this style and would incorporate in your Autumn Wardrobe. Let me know your views and feedback. Much love until next one, Heena , Styling Neurons.

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