Les Vacances Élégantes ! (The holiday edit )

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Its time of the year when most of the Travel & Tourism industry earns, as schools & offices are off to celebrate the most cherished festival – Christmas ! Are you holiday ready ?! Whether travelling for a living / visiting family / vacationing just for leisure, doing it in style doesn’t come naturally .. yes I do understand the crunch of travel & to add that style element on top of it is difficult. Hence I let my StylingNeurons drive you through my blog, showing you how to master the chic travel style with 5 Travel Tips : 

1) Let the Weather set up the ramp – Always let the holiday packing start with the weather board – checking weather of the destination & for the duration of visit. As you do not want to be freezing with cotton ‘chemise’ in lower temperatures…

2) A 5 minute – to wear list – trust me this won’t harm 😉 I do agree it’s a 5 minute list to write down, but worth the effort . Jotting down each day menu of your wardrobe helps you to visualise how do you want to portray yourself. Do not forget to add details of a matching neckpiece you have or a lovely wristwatch that would go with attire .. as when you pack , you won’t forget the minute styling details ! 

3) What do you carry ? – so if the trip is for 3 nights carry in 3’s is the rule ! 3 – socks 3- tees 3-trousers/ skirts/ bottoms.. Try plan your luggage in similar hues – reason – it’s easier to combine or mixmatch at end moment with minimal styling effort.  

4) Are you carrying the “new buys” – Nothing beats the joy of carrying your newly bought wardrobe for holiday & put it to action, I do the same too 😍 But at the same time I strongly recommend for the new wardrobe to undergo a comfort test before entering the bag…

Heena says – Footwear especially needs a couple hours of comfort check before hitting the suitcase !

5) Minimalism – The toughest part I know ! A stylish wardrobe needs the style elements, not the bulk… Example – two different tops with same bottoms can create different looks with different accessories/ footwear/ add on scarf / hat! Having said that do not forget to add a little iron , incase the hotels don’t have it always appeals to wear a simple yet crisp , crease free attire to get noticed 😀

Hope my Holiday Styling Tips will help you in your next travel dairy to be a memorable & Stylish one !! Styling Neurons will be happy to hear your feedback / which tip you liked the most or even share your favourite holiday tips in comments below … till then Bon Voyage & Stay Stylish 💕

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Black is wow & how !

One of the “job hazards” of being a fashion blogger is to pose for styles in freezing temperatures.. well my StylingNeurons will never let the wintery mix dampen our aim to Style ! Am here with my 1st blog all set to inspire for the rest of Winters ( sorry it’s not over yet )

Black clothes are our lifeblood , Denim is our biggest addiction !

Let them both marry again, it’s over beloved winter season !! 

Someone would assume when they both collide – which they do with this weather, is it about time to rethink the wardrobe classic & nudge it into a fresher territory !! 

Heena Says – Blue Denim is classic , but this winter let the Black slay…

Look 1 – Formal all the way ( jingle bells .. pardon my festive fever 😉) Crisp white Shirt, Black Denims, Blazer & Ankle length boots.

Look 2- Create that envy when you meet other mums for afternoon coffee ! Let statement shoes & accessories do the play…

Look 3- Sudden date plan ?! Team the Black Denims with bright / contrast glitter sandals & “faux fur” to complete the look! 

Dash Of – In Trend – a perfect abbreviation DO-IT! My Crush – ankle length boots! 

Are you off to dig out / buy the Black Denims ? If not , now is the time ! Hoping create more looks & share more styles ..Till then Stay Stylish xx


Get that Oomph !!

Little did I think.. after being a wifey and a mum of two, will 24 hours be enough to be juggling /multitasking the piled up long queues..

To be honest I am absolutely not  a morning person and being one, trust me you have just enough minutes, to barely get the boys school ready and grab a cuppa morning kick. Having said that if I manage to squeeze a few minutes for a mix-matched outfit and a spark to carry it , then its an awesome start to the day – who needs coffee :p

Once my friend’s sister said ” dress up such, so you make four heads turn around”  I know its easier said but since then is my ‘mantra’ – If you make the heads turn round and those eyes roll, Styling is done right ! Being inherited with these StylingNeurons  and being noticed and appreciated always, I decided not to confine my styling to myself and share with you all.. As they say “its multiplies with sharing”

I understand the challenge of styling each day be it work, weekender, party evenings, coffee dates and so on…Being a vivid reader of latest in fashion and style, so here I would love to  bring to you all – Effortless, Everyday and Easy styling screaming out comfort and yet have that eyes rolling 🙂

StylingNeurons is all about Getting that Oomph with Heena’s style blogs and updates !! Stay tuned !!