Vacay Vibes !! 3 Must haves!!

A little more Sun , Some more Shine … As the summer continues, head for more vacays and extra glass of wine !!  Summers playing strong in our part of the world i.e. UK and Europe and so shall begin the much awaited holiday time. Are you off to somewhere nice ?


My suggestions on 3 must haves for this summer vacay before you head on :

1) A smart Jackie is a Yes Yes – be it denim / bomber / linen /leather – they add that perfect oomph to your any holiday attire. Plus it adds an extra layer for the evenings. They pair up lovely on dresses, jeans, shorts and maxis too…

2) Sneakers – yes we all wear them for comfort right? but they do add perfect style to vacay attires too. However make sure they aren’t the ones you wear for workouts especially the bright coloured or the neon ones!! Heena says – either go for single tones or the whites or lighter shades if you want to pair them out on evening wear and style them.


3) Tried your hands on headbands yet ? They sure rule these summers ! If you haven’t yet go and treat yourself. They bring the colour pop and elevates the holiday vibe ..

Holiday booked ? So now you know what 3 things you must carry yeah… what else is your “must have” when it comes to holiday packing ? As always am eager to hear some reviews and your suggestions too..

Much love till next one, Heena, Styling Neurons !! Stay Stylish !!


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