Auctor Hostis 🍴- host a la mode !

The word Host comes from the Latin word ’Hostis’ & Styling Neurons added some Latin style by the norm , making it Auctor Hostis !! Cooking being my stress free activity of the day , hosting comes to me as a hobby. As much I enjoy experimenting my culinary skills,  I equally enjoy feeding my friends & family. And similarly as I enjoy hosting , I love presenting myself a la mode ,synonym to stylish 😉



A meal appealing to eyes itself does halfway justice to the hunger & so does well presented host to a perfect evening … I don’t claim one should take as much the effort to get ready as you step out of house, but I definitely vouch for that simple little efforts to be a notch more appealable to create the Aura ! 

A pair of lovely earrings or a neckpiece to lift up the tee shade you wear … soft tone on lips if bright colours are bold for you … a simple colourful flat sandal on denims to be the eye catcher. Little things that make big trick to add style, whilst enhancing the hard work behind the chores of hosting. A fresh , vibrant & charming vibe  lifts up the hosting level as the guests arrive …

How I Hosted this Sunday Afternoon ? Jumper tee – Apricot , denims – Mango , Flats – Primark


As always Styling Neurons would love to hear how do you style when you Host ? Happy Styling , Happy Hosting !!

Much love , Heena 🌹


6 thoughts on “Auctor Hostis 🍴- host a la mode !

  1. Lovely blog again. Love the freshness in the blog and the simple tips of hosting with style!!!!!keep these blogs coming. I always wait to read these.

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  2. Shopping for all your Indian attires for all the functions and festivals for 2018 in one day can be an exhausting task, right? Which festivals do you need to wear a traditional dress for, should I wear a saree, suit..or Indo Western outfit – so many things to think about.

    In the recent years I have been more careful of the purchases I make and ensure that I buy clothes that I use for a longer period so that it does not end up in landfills in just one wear. I like the concept of “do more with less” and have been trying to integrate that into my shopping habits.

    So this year, my long time friend Heena made this process easier for me. Heena, who has just started her styling consultancy (frankly, I think she should have done it long time ago) has always been someone that I looked upto when it came to style and most importantly her ability to mix and match products from her wardrobe. So this time I thought of asking her to help me with buying my Indian attire to wear for the festivals in 2018. Heena and I went shopping (even though she was in India only for 3 days, she managed to make time for me, thank you for that Heena) to Westside and Heena was at her best – scouting dresses, matching legging, asking me about my wardrobe, my budget, style, and most importantly – asking me what I would be comfortable wearing. By the end of 45 mins of our shopping – I walked out with 1 Kurta, 1 Chudidar set and 1 Palazzo pants – > oh but wait a minute – the best part is yet to come :

    Just with these, she showed me how to get 6 unique looks

    She surely did listen to me saying that my motto is “Do more with less” !

    If you are looking to style your wardrobe wisely – so maybe you don’t need to spend to buy a whole lot of new things but maybe even just rearrange how you can use your current wardrobe you need to get in touch with the Style guru

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