‘Trick’ Tac Toe – Style Hacks!

Enormousness in this Hello & Warmth in this Hi ! Am back to my pen , book , fashion , blog & most importantly back to you readers ❤️ A little stretched holiday ( well bloggers need one too ) it was but you all knew , here is where Styling Neurons’s heart lies ! Holding on to the Valentines aura in the month of Feb … this blog I thought it’s a time to give away … 


Sharing my all time favourite “15 second Style tricks” to help you style up your look wherever whenever needed :

1) Edge your Work Look – Black & White an eternal classic as it is , I love experimenting and adding the little Oomph to my routine work wear. How about adding some bows & frills to the whites & the Sport Trim to the pants ? It has the edge which definitely gets you noticed !


2) Zipper Trick – zipper is caught ! Worry not – use a bar of soap to loosen the area it is stuck. Saved me many times for the last minute events when am just about to wear my LBD or the pretty red attire with a back zip …


3) Downsize your bag – Totes & huge bags are for the day . Swap everyday bag for a smaller, evening style option to instantly take your look to the next level. Rather than lugging around a big bag swapping to daintier option is a certain way to look 10 times more chicer! 

4) Swap flats for Heels – a perfect way to instantly upgrade your look & elevate your style from day look to evening look. Why Not – carry a pair of heels in your bag , if you have a long day out, followed by a little glam dinner .. enjoy the effortless & less tiring day wearing flats & later swap them to heels when you step in for that dinner…you got that look !!

To end this one I must say Styling Neurons surely missed you all & is glad to be back after holiday … looking forward to hear your feedbacks , comments & queries… Keep Styling till then !

Much Love , Heena ❤️

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