Let the Neurons, Style you! Client Diaries 🌸

Expressing my delight & pleasure of Styling & sharing this experience with my gorgeous client – Deena.  To give you a little background- she’s a beautician by profession , mum of lovely twin girls & my lovely friend. Styling wardrobe of someone who comes from a beauty & fashion culture is equally challenging & interesting, as you get a chance to bring style to the glamour profession too! 

Today I carved four different looks for her as per her needs. Keeping her comfort zone intact and  giving that little tickle to change her existing style was my motto for the session. 


Look 1 – Formal wear, Deena being tall woman with slim legs, I chose ankle length pants & nude top. Very chic for beautician’s forum meetings she has to attend. Nude sandals finish the look with elegance !


Look 2 – Sporty wear , a perfect blend of being a mum & having that sporty edge ! That perfect wear to complement her kids enthusiasm on the weekends. I team denim skirt , basic tee & sketchers. Ready to hop skip & jump ! 



Look 3 – Holiday wear , come-on mums gear up for holiday wear.. awaken the inner girl within you … embrace the floral prints of Spring… teamed here are budgeted denim shorts ( budgeted because , may be she won’t wear in her routine ) & floral tie knot top. 


Look 4 – Date night attire , the satin floral shorts to elevate the evening look & beige top with pearl motifs make her ready & glam. I am sure this will  make her hubby fall in love with her all over again ! 


Massive Thank You Deena for sharing your experience with Styling Neurons ! Loved sharing my work with you readers… looking forward to hearing from you ❤️ Much love , Heena x 



2 thoughts on “Let the Neurons, Style you! Client Diaries 🌸

  1. It was a wonderful experience to work with Styling Neurons! Excited for my new wardrobe to be put in use as soon as possible ❤thanks Heena x

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