Twenty Trendy Eighteen – wanna trend with me !

Witty shopping is when you do it for the season next ! And hence I am always looking for what’s next IT ( in trend ) … it’s a part of my DNA being a fashion lover.  Spring in 3 words – ‘ Feel Good Fashion’ and with my this écriture I bring to you the season’s upcoming styles & fashion which ‘20 trendy 18’ has in store for you ❤️ A glimpse in crux : 

1) Clothes to party in : sparkles , tassels & feathers 

2) Clothes to wiggle in : pencil skirts, sheer layers & fantastic plastics 

My top picks for trendy year start :

1) Buckle Shoes  – self portrait paired buckle shoes are the perfect look for Spring 2018! The retro style is sure to make a big comeback .. the detail is strong enough to make a statement and at the same time versatile to be incorporated with your daily wardrobe !

2) Pencil Skirts  – pleats and flairs were so last year 😉 2018 the pencils are to rule. From a work day apparel to an evening out , from a weekender to sleek dinner look they fit it all ! A perfect mismatch as I say, shall do the charm… Want to camouflage that mommy fat around the waist ? Team it with a chiffon / silk shirt .. or loose top and get that perfect tall look you need. Bold enough to match different prints ? they do wonders, try it !  

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3) Knitted bags – The next IT bag – fisherman’s totes & slings. Fashion houses have transformed the mundane fish nets into stylish carry-all essentials  for the season. These bags will be the catch of the day , come 2018 ! 

Brand New Year , Brand New Look – latch on to your shopping broom with my style picks & hope you all have a stylish year ahead … Meanwhile drop in a line for what is your style take for the New Years ? 

Email Styling Neurons to help you style ‘your’ everyday wardrobe & within ‘your’ budgets or even if you want some styling tips with your existing wardrobe. 

4 thoughts on “Twenty Trendy Eighteen – wanna trend with me !

  1. There’sno half-singing in a shower ,you’re either a rock star 💫 or a fashion diva 👩‍🎤
    Hina 😍👌🏻


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