Get that Oomph !!

Little did I think.. after being a wifey and a mum of two, will 24 hours be enough to be juggling /multitasking the piled up long queues..

To be honest I am absolutely not  a morning person and being one, trust me you have just enough minutes, to barely get the boys school ready and grab a cuppa morning kick. Having said that if I manage to squeeze a few minutes for a mix-matched outfit and a spark to carry it , then its an awesome start to the day – who needs coffee :p

Once my friend’s sister said ” dress up such, so you make four heads turn around”  I know its easier said but since then is my ‘mantra’ – If you make the heads turn round and those eyes roll, Styling is done right ! Being inherited with these StylingNeurons  and being noticed and appreciated always, I decided not to confine my styling to myself and share with you all.. As they say “its multiplies with sharing”

I understand the challenge of styling each day be it work, weekender, party evenings, coffee dates and so on…Being a vivid reader of latest in fashion and style, so here I would love to  bring to you all – Effortless, Everyday and Easy styling screaming out comfort and yet have that eyes rolling 🙂

StylingNeurons is all about Getting that Oomph with Heena’s style blogs and updates !! Stay tuned !!



8 thoughts on “Get that Oomph !!

  1. “Style is a way to say who u are without having to speak “
    & I guess u are born for fashion & styling congratulations hina for your passion 😍

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  2. A truly perfect start up… You are the trend setter… I am sure you will come up with great ideas that will help ease the stress of getting dressed. You have always had beautiful patterns and mismatch ideas.. Life is too short to wear boring clothes and this blog will help everyone to stay trendy . I remember the day when i planned to participate in a fancy dress competition at the eleventh hour and you shared a very unique idea of becoming a modern sweeper ( which had nothing to do with buying any fancy costume – just wear a nornal modern outfit) and goes without saying I was the winner…
    #trendyyou #fashionblogger #stylish
    Long way to go girl ❣️

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