Marrakesh! how I styled my holiday 🧡 with taste of Tagine 🍴

Marrakesh – the red / peach city – where the old town & new one melanges so beautifully like none another. The city absorbs the newness & yet preserving the vibrance of colours , etiquettes , traditions , apparels & not to forget their cuisine – the yumm Tagines ( earthen dish whereby the ingredients  are cooked & served in the same pot )!!

Riad , marrakesh, holidaywear, travelblog
Riad ,Morocco,holidaywear,travelwear

Couldn’t stop myself sharing these good pictures of yummy Tagine variety.

Dividing my stay into two in this beautiful city , I did justice to both the new & the old. Also fair to my young kids who enjoyed a mix of an all inclusive resort where the pools & kids shows kept them entertained & the second half in Riad ( traditional local home ) stay in the old town which had charm of its own.

Maxi, hat , holidaywear, marrakesh
Holidaywear, marrakesh, Morocco

Having pre read on what the city had to offer I wanted my holiday wardrobe to sink in the intricate details & decor , it’s nature & culture. Ditching over my all time favourite & super comfy holiday shorts I chose fabrics with the warm flow , the earthen colours to match the habitat & the prints to camouflage the traditions and accommodate ‘le chaud’ weather.

Riad, holidaywear, maxi, marrakesh
Riad, holidaywear, maxi, marrakesh

The resort however being in new town had its modernity & international tourists and hence my take was on the Printed fabrics to go with the ethnicity, at the same time modern enough to go by the pool.

Old town – The main square – Jemma el Fnaa came to me as an experience of its own kind … As the dusk hour sets in, the hustle bustle in the old town effortlessly attracts tourists & locals from all parts of the city .. a sight to please the eyes of all ages! Offering a variety from snake charmers bewitching their cobras to street shows, story tellers, acrobats & entertainers,  the place had it all. The sound of traditional drums played by men dressed in the Moroccan attire helps you travel back in time to their deep rooted culture.


Earthen colours was my pallete for my this holiday wardrobe. The oranges & yellows hue to enhance the city’s peach & browns.

Hope you all loved reading about this beautiful city & how I teamed my holiday wardrobe to sync with the culture. I do surely recommend this city for a family holiday as it has lots to offer for all ages. I have added link of places we lived in the city  for your reference & planning ..

Camel ride, marrakesh, palmeira
Camel ride, marrakesh, palmeira

Our all inclusive Resort – food & kids entertainment was a 5star experience

Riad stay in old town

As the Moroccans say “Shukran” , Thank you for your read ! For any help with Styling your holiday wardrobes , am an email away 🧡 and stay tuned to my travel blogs for more fashion inspiration !!

Much love , Heena , Styling Neurons 🧡


8 thoughts on “Marrakesh! how I styled my holiday 🧡 with taste of Tagine 🍴

  1. Excellent blog. Gives a taste of Marrakech and also your excellent sense of styling. This 2 in 1 combination is such a pleasure to read Hina. Keep writing. I love your blogs!!!! N


  2. “ Shukran ” for sharing this experience with us. You look lovely and the choice of colours , as you said are brilliant to go with the surroundings.
    Well done girl !!

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  3. Wow I want to visit Marrakech now!! You inspire me to trot the globe in style. Lovely blog with good taste of the city and its vibe.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey Heena… it’s always such a welcome sight to see you and yes enjoying the beautiful Marrakesh along with you… you inspire me to plan my wardrobe too … with work and routine … one just tends to keep that last on the list … gonna plan my wardrobe for my holiday with your help and expert guidance this time
    Much love

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